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“Batman: Noel” — Christmas Storytime for Geek Moms


It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve put together that final mini-build from the Star Wars Lego advent calendar.  Now, it’s time to settle in and bring the minions down to a dull roar with a little holiday story.

My recommendation for geek moms with kids hovering around age 9 and older: Lee Bermejo’s nest graphic novel, “Batman: Noel.” Bermejo (“The  Joker”) is one of the trade’s finest illustrators and he’s woven and excellent story to boot, with the Dark Knight’s own take on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

I know, I know. You’re thinking that story has been done to death…brought back to life and done to death again. I can’t argue there. However, this take on it is so fresh and so Fanboy/girl friendly, you will feel like you are reading the plotline for the first time.

The story places Batman himself in the Ebenezer Scrooge role as the wealthy loner so obsessed with his personal demons he not only has robbed himself of any worthwhile personal contact, he has forgotten that those around him also possess a soul.

The Bob Cratchit character is a small-time criminal, struggling as an impoverished single father of an upbeat but young son with a bum leg.

The remainder of the classic “Christmas Carol” roles are seen via giveaway the “Past, present and future” ghost cameos, but I’ll give you one spoiler hint: Batman only has one “late” partner suitable to don this tale’s yuletide tights.

The story worked for me on a couple of levels:

First, it satisfied the gritty world of The Dark Knight, particularly for someone who keeps up with at no less than three “Batman” comic titles at any given time.

Next, it left me with that toasty warm marshmallow feel that comes with Christmas time — yet without any saccharine sentiment to ruin it.

Lastly, it was an impressive piece of comic book eye candy: especially the glimpses of the retro-style Batman (and Catwoman) costuming as well as the very believable present-day garb of the winged vigilante.

I will say I found the reverse white font a little hard on the eyes a couple of times, but in Bermejo’s defense, text boxes and bubbles would have really damage the visual integrity of the book.

Read it with the family as a way to wind down before the Christmas morning mayhem, or get a blankie and curl up with a hot libation and pour yourself into a few moments of escape once the troops are in bed.

In the words of Joe Bob Briggs: “’Geek Mom says Check It Out.’”

It’s Christmastime in Gotham City.


Geeky Decoupage Ornament in time for the holidays


When the “Think Geek” catalogs begin to pile up from early November to mid-December, take advantage of all those “mini-icons” pictured — everything from Green Lantern logos to Red Plant mobiles. Take an old glass ornament (I know you’ve got one you are sick of looking at), clip out every Bazinga and WOOT that looks attractive and decoupage away….


….now your tree is just a little bit more badass…and there was much rejoicing.

Don’t forget to catch my first full Fan Mom article in January.

Until then, be merry.