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Valentine’s Cards for FREE!


You did it again, didn’t you fellow geek moms.

You waited too long to get Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s class (or you just couldn’t bring yourself to spend the money on them) and now the selection at the Big K is picked over with nothing but last year’s Ben 10 and Dora The Explorer remaining.

I come to save the day, in addition to making your kid (and I don’t exaggerate here) about 10 million times cooler than all the rest during the annual Valentine’s shoebox-stuffing at school.

Since I am admittedly addicted to printable downloads, my daughter and I usually go surfing for the coolest cards to give to friends each year for the cost of a couple of sheets of cardstock (which I usually already have on hand) and some printer ink.

Here are the links to are couple of most awesome ones we found….yes, legally:

Katie Cook’s “Star Wars”

Found ‘em at:

Hate to gush over an artist, but everything Katie Cook puts out is AWESOME, and she has once again graced the site with her custom cards bearing phrases like “I want to be droid you are looking for” awww!  Boys who might find Cook’s cards a little too “pink” can download more dude-friendly valentines by Grant Gould from the same link.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Found ‘em at:

It’s Halloween meets Christmas meets Valentines Day….complete with embellishments of one of my favorite styles to doodle…the Burton Curl.  Disney family releases free printable valentines each year, not all of them geek worthy, but this year’s addition of Jack and Sally is great for a little goth-lite.  Other cool styles they have include Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” and The Muppets, including ANIMALLLL!!!


Kawaii Ninjas

Found ‘em at:

It’s never too early to get your child into the ancient traditions of those cuddly-yet-deadly Ninjas.  Joy Charde  (the artist behind has put out a sheet of peppy little Ninjas out through Craftzine ready for both love and mortal combat. My two-year-old will be taking these to her first Valentine exchange to subtly let everyone know she’s got their backs…yet she is not to be trifled with.

Angry Birds

Found ‘em at:

Love them or hate them, these little PO’ed pig-hating peeps aren’t falling out of the sky of popularity quite yet, if my daughter’s tell-tale high scores on her Nook are any indication. Confound it, she’s supposed to be READING on that thing. But I digress. Angry Birds + Valentines = instant coolness among peers, and who am I to fight this tide.  FYI: These valentines are actually e-cards available via Android if you have their seasonal “Hogs and Kisses” expansion, but the examples are easily printable and ready to hand out. Gamezplay has some good images as well as several other fan sites.

Dark Horse Comics

Found at:

Teenagers wanting to give their friends a Valentine’s wish without wanting to be “tooooo friendly” can use some free cards featuring characters like “Hellboy,” “Goon” and  “Usagi Yojimbo” courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. These came out last year, but are still available for download…and well worth every penny.

Teen/adult bonus: Zombies

Found ‘em at:

If what you hate most about Valentine’s Day is the saccharine nature of it, add a little brains to your sugar for several examples of printable zombie-themed cards from cartoony to gore-infested. Even those who hate the zombie craze can’t resist seeing the face on that uptight loved-one who receives a card that says “I want your brain but I’ll settle for your heart.”


V-Day Gifting with Lisa The Geek Mom


Ah crap, Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Yes, we know you like to call it VD-Day (get that Bevis and Butt-head spit-filled snicker out of the way now), and any of you guys fortunate enough to be married to or dating a fangirl know we won’t subject you to a smarmy rom-com or jump down your throat because you didn’t buy us heart-shaped anything this year.

Chocolate Han in Carbonite…because, really, who doesn’t need one.


That being said, however, we geek moms and fangirls are a hard-working lot and we like to be appreciated with romantic gestures, too.  Luckily, we are also extremely fun and creative, and our idea of “pretty things” is often something our guys can get on board with as well.

Some of these ideas (the ones that fall into the PG and below category, of course) could even be a family effort that Dad and the kids can work on together, helping to rack up some extra brownie points for everyone.

The best part about making a fangirl happy is she knows how to reward with some theme-appropriate “creative cosplay” as it were.

Here are some thoughts to get you going:

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