V-Day Gifting with Lisa The Geek Mom


Ah crap, Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Yes, we know you like to call it VD-Day (get that Bevis and Butt-head spit-filled snicker out of the way now), and any of you guys fortunate enough to be married to or dating a fangirl know we won’t subject you to a smarmy rom-com or jump down your throat because you didn’t buy us heart-shaped anything this year.

Chocolate Han in Carbonite…because, really, who doesn’t need one.


That being said, however, we geek moms and fangirls are a hard-working lot and we like to be appreciated with romantic gestures, too.  Luckily, we are also extremely fun and creative, and our idea of “pretty things” is often something our guys can get on board with as well.

Some of these ideas (the ones that fall into the PG and below category, of course) could even be a family effort that Dad and the kids can work on together, helping to rack up some extra brownie points for everyone.

The best part about making a fangirl happy is she knows how to reward with some theme-appropriate “creative cosplay” as it were.

Here are some thoughts to get you going:

The Dark Knight:

Lots and lots of comic book themes I could choose, here, but I’m only sticking with one right now as I am a lifelong Batman fan (and what sounds both equally romantic and kick-ass as “Dark Knight).” I’m mentioning this one first, because it is by far the easiest to pull off.

Get a simple Batman-logo pendant necklace. You can get these anywhere, ranging in price from pocket change to high end. One particularly eye-catching one is a black or silver “iced out” style from The Ultimate Collection (search Amazon, you’ll find it). Give it with a yellow and dark purple bouquet of roses or other Dark Knight-colored blooms, and you’re golden.

It also wouldn’t hurt to get a heart-shaped cookie cutter and draw some bat logo them as well, as a way to send a deliberately corny “Bat Signal” of love someone’s way.

As for cosplay, if you want to steer clear of the clichéd Catwoman-Batman on again/off again (although I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), go with Bruce’s Baby Mama, Talia al Ghul. Careful, a possibly evil love-child future Robin might result from this liaison.


            Deep down inside the blood baths (literally) and profane, potty-mouthed mess of Miami culture that is Dexter, there is something incredibly romantic about the idea of a serial killer who only kills bad guys, struggling with his own humanity as a single parent.

The best Dexter V-Day gift from the Showtime store right now is likely the Blood “angel” wings t-shirt, but I also really like those nifty stylized “season” posters by Ty Mattson.

Dexter Sugar Slides…to die for…

I found a recipe for Dexter’s “biohazard” blood slides candies at forkables.com that can be given in a paper slide box you can get in the science fair area at any craft or educational items store.  Not expensive (how expensive is sugar, water, corn syrup and food coloring?), but also not easy.

            I’ll admit, this one is only for the patient, as I’ve personally tried this recipe with less-than stellar results. If you can do it right, however, they are incredibly authentic-looking.

This is also a great gift for guys, if you accompany it with a nice-fitting Hurley-style thermal “kill shirt,” often found, appropriately enough, in “hunting” sections of sporting good stores. You don’t have to spend the bucks on an “official” version of this shirt; they are everywhere. Remember, this is form fitting, so if your poor guy has to suck in that gut for too long it might ruin the mood.

Star Wars:

There is just more and more awesome “Star Wars” stuff coming out just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Number one choice: the chocolate Han Solo in carbonite. It’s a Think Geek exclusive, but you can also purchase some ice molds of the same image that work well as chocolate molds (another fun family project, hint, hint) from various sources (Sears even had ‘em online for under $10).

These should, and I stress should for optimum impact, include a pair of handcrafted “I love you” (for her) and “I know” (for him) aluminum rings from Spiffing Jewelry via esty.com. It’s only around $25 for the pair, or you could opt for cuff bracelet versions of the same.

Han and Leia his/her rings

Do I even need to mention the “cosplay” possibilities, here? I will give one piece of advice, be creative and avoid the Slave Girl outfit… (unless you get your hands on that Wampa-skin rug) There are lots of ways to get the scoundrel on without having to worry too much about keeping a metal bra in place.

Game of Thrones:

This graphic and exciting fantasy book and television series also has a soft side, and what queen in the making would want to be bestowed the gift of dragons’ eggs?

If you don’t want to spring for the brass-and-silver Dragon’s Egg necklace (a little pricey at around $70 from the HBO shop, there’s a cheaper, but just as cool-looking paperweight.

You can always pick up a “Game of Throne” themed pint glass or stein, and fill it with chocolate eggs (you can get those shiny little Easter eggs through Oriental Trading company and call them “dragon” eggs) as well. You can also find how to make these from pretty much all the “gal sites” from Martha Stewart to Better Homes and Garden…then dragon them up. It shows you were thinking creatively (or a least you heeded well someone who thought creatively for you).

Of course, you can always tone it down a bit by opting for the “Lord of the Rings” themed gift. (There are dwarves, sword battles, dragons and Sean Bean in that series as well, only without the yak-inducing brother-sister action and tongue-ripping-out).  Evenstar pendants from Noble Collection, Warner Brothers shop, Amazon and other sites start at around $40, and are beautiful (I loooove mine). But, technically, shouldn’t we be giving it to him to wear if we want to stay true to the story?

As far as any private Renaissance Faire for two, all a fangirl has to do is emerge Daenerys Targayen-style from a steamy bathroom with a stuffed dragon on her shoulder (for those brave enough) and she could have her man cleaning the house, doing dishes and detailing the car for months.

Big Bang Theory:

Yes, this is the most cutesy-poop of all the themes, but I know you all secretly love this show…and it appears a lot of other people do as well.

One of the biggest sellers on many geek-friendly sites this past Christmas was the singing “Soft Kitty” plush toy that can found for anywhere from $29 to $35. It’s actually cheaper if you don’t get it from the official CBS store.  Yes, it includes Penny’s poorly pitched voice, but much less annoying than the “teddy-bear-holding-a-heart” V-Day gift fallback.

If you want to class it up, give it with a costume “Tiiii-aaarrr-aaa” and make your geek mom feel like a princess for a day.

Want to bring it over the top, make her a preserved snowflake. Here’s where the family can really have fun together, since this is a super-cool (no pun intended) project. Best instructions for this I’ve found are at wikihow.com/Preserve-Snowflakes, but lots of science sites have modified versions. Do this for any Big Bang fan and she will, unlike the snowflake, melt.  Even if it is too late for this year, you can plan ahead for next year’s first snow.

Okay, here’s where it gets weird…do you really want to role-play these guys? Hard reality, boys….look in your closet, hoodie boy, you are already halfway (if not all the way) there and you like it. Just mix and match and convince yourself that smart really is the new sexy.

Us fangirls think it is.