How to Make A “Game of Thrones” Dragons Egg with a Paper Bag


Easter is coming!cdd26739cd5586232ef04e4970d0c38a

Time to make a special egg for that special someone, and what is cooler than a  “Game of Thrones” dragon’s egg made with stuff you already have laying around the house.

This is a pretty easy craft kids can help with, since dragon eggs are always cool, whether they belong to Eragon or Jane, or used as ceremonial gifts in an arranged marriage to a giant hedonistic barbarian warlord.

First, gather your junk, um, I mean “materials.”

Brown paper lunch bag

Egg (plastic or real egg hollowed out)

School glue

Old naked black crayon


Now time to “dragonize” the egg.

Step One: Cut the paper bag into several half-inch strips. Make plenty in case you screw the next step up a couple of times. It happens.

Step Two: Either fold the strips “paper fan” style or roll it while creasing it to make several layers ready to be cut into dragon scales.

Step Three: Cut each folded strip into teardrop, triangle, oval or similar shape to create several scales at once. Make sure you cut all the way around the paper so the scales fall apart separately.

Step Four: Now for the tedious (or therapeutic, if you are like me) task of gluing the scales on the egg. Start at the bottom of the egg (the less pointy end, of course) and start gluing individual pieces around the egg. Make sure to overlap each scale below it to give it that scaly texture. Hint, cut about four or five “mini scales” about half the size of the others to paste on the top point. This will make it look more authentic. Let glue dry.


Step Five: Once the glue is dry, take the side of the crayon and rub up and own the egg to give it an antiqued look. Once you have the look and texture you like, mix a little of the glue with some water and smear it over the surface to give it a little sheen as well as protect the scales.

Behold, the dragon’s egg. Make sure you present it on a rustic tray accompanied by these words: “I am the blood of the dragon.”

Or just hand it to the person and say, “Hey, here’s a dragon’s egg I made you.”

Either way they will love it.

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