Halloween Three-Step Tip #1: Swag Bag Garland


October — the geek mom’s sanctuary.  The month where we can dress like we want, decorate our homes as crazy as we like and attend a bevy of cosplay-friendly and spooky swag-gettings event with our kids and not get “that look” from other moms.

In celebration, I’ll be posting a couple of easy “Three-Step Tips” this month to keep the fall festivities going strong.

Since the month is still young, here’s an early idea: Make a Swag Bag countdown garland.

Step 1. Take old treat bags, boxes, envelopes, folded scrapbook paper, party cups, etc. and string them along a rope, garland or string (I used mini-binder clips to hang them). You can mix and match and make it look quirky and off-beat. Think of what Lemony Snicket’s Violet Baudelaire might cook up or what Jack Skellington might hang on his mantel.

Step 2. Fill them up with little cheap treats: mini chocolate bars, glow sticks, Halloween stickers, raisin boxes, spider rings….you name it! Make sure each container is numbered with days of the month or as a “count down” from whatever number you choose.

Step 3. Hang it up! Place it wherever the gremlins…or your kids…can get to them every day.

Each day, let your kids retrieve the goodies from one bag until Oct. 31. Put a little something extra in that day’s swag bag, or perhaps a note telling them where to find a bigger treat (like a candy apple or  little “Frankenweenie” plush…shhhh don’t tell them!)

If you don’t want to commit to a full month, you can start this anytime during the month…make it a 10-day, 20-day, one-week count down, it’s fun no matter how long.  We do the whole month since my girls start geeking out over Halloween time early. Giving them a little something to look forward to day by day keeps them down to a dull roar…if that is even possible.

Quick reminder: With Christmas/holiday time around the corner…Swag Bags make good advent calendars as well.

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