Halloween Three-Step Tip #5: Last-minute Multilingual “Boos”


Halloween is just a day away and despite hitting several parties this past weekend, the little zombies are still coming Wednesday for their loot.

How do you make it look like you aren’t that creepy reclusive candy-hoarding curmudgeon? Lil’ geeky Jack-O-Lanterns!

Here’s a quick no-carve pumpkin display that give you instant Halloween spirit that looks like you put much research and thought in it. You don’t have to tell people I did it for you.

Step One: Grab a bag a mini-pumpkin (real or fake) and a black Sharpie marker or acrylic paint (if you are particularly good with a brush), and find some fictional geek alphabets online (Klingon, Aurebesh, Kryptonian, etc).

Step Two: Using the language of your choice (or choose one from the little suggestion chart I put together), write or paint the word “BOO” on each one. Make several different ones if you have time.

Step three. Line them up on a windowsill, pile them creatively on a shelf or doorstep, or display them through the house where everyone can see them. Then enjoy the conversations that arise from those who either A) get the message and think you are the coolest person ever, or B) don’t get in and think you are the weirdest person ever. Either way — it’s a win!

If you’re really inspired, these also look great carved into full-sized pumpkins for those rare non-procrastinating types.I hope you liked these small tips this Halloween season, I’m planning a couple when Christmas and the holiday season rolls around. Be watching, and be careful with those little geeklings this Halloween.

Trick or Treat!

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