The Twelve* Whos of Christmas: Time Lord Gingerbread Men


whocookies1Let’s do the math…

Able to overcome limitations of time and space: Check.
Has appeared in varying “versions” of himself for different generations: Check.
Has a completely badass-yet-unlikely form of universal transportation: Check.

It’s official — Santa is a Time Lord. How about leaving him at treat worthy of this title, Time Lord Doctors 1-4gingerbread men.

This is just a matter of taking your ordinary gingerbread men and jazzing them up a bit…something that becomes a pretty fun parent/kid activity, particularly if you like to eat frosting.

Okay, since this is just a “quick tip,” I’m not going to commit you to any new and revolutionary gingerbread recipe, use any gingerbread (or sugar cookie) recipe, as long as it’s one intended fore shaped cookies. I’ve used plain old Betty Crocker gingerbread mix for the little Whos down in Timey Wimey “Who”ville’ shown in the picture, but off-brands work well, too. When I’m in the mood to be more “authentic” I like to use the cookie and icing recipe Ray Keim (remember the Haunted Dimensions guy?), uses for his fantabulous gingerbread homes at Doctors 5-8

Take plain old gingerbread man cookie cutter and get your 11 Time Lords cut out, but leave a little left over to cut out a rectangle for a Tardis (you can’t leave out your Tardis, after all). Now, since these are cookies, we’re not going to get too elaborate, but simply give some “hints” to each Doctor’s distinct look.  I’ve included some templates the geeklings and I cooked up, but feel free to “outdo” us in imagination. That’s what it’s all about. Don’t forget to leave some cookie scraps to make simple accessories like the Eleventh Doctor’s Fez or Seventh Doctor’s umbrella, you can attach with icing once they are done.

Most importantly, once you cook them, wait until they are completely cool before icing. This is the hardest part for myDoctors 9-10-1 kids (and, yes, for me too). Pre-colored cookie frosting works best if you are dealing with kids, since they often come packaged with easy-to-use tips for designing. Mix your own food coloring into plain royal icing for more specific colors (like that Willy Wonka-mated-with-the-Easter Bunny’s mutant offspring get-up the Sixth Doctor wore. Seriously, wassup with dat?) Most icing recipes are as simple as mixing about a half pound of powdered sugar with one egg white.

Our favorites turned out to be, not surprisingly, the Fourth Doctor’s awesome scarf and Tenth Doctor’s red 11th Doctor and Tardissneakers, but aren’t they the two best Doctors anyway (debate your own favorites among yourselves, here).
You can poke a hole in them lightly with a chop stick and string make some edible ornaments, or place them out for Santa and see if bring his sonic screwdriver with him…I’m betting he has one.

* Yes, I KNOW, there are only Eleven doctors…count the cookies!

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