How to Make A Luminous Fish Nighlight like Sheldon Cooper’s


Sheldon's fishAdmit it, Big Bang Theory fans (and even haters), you want a luminous fish just like the one at Sheldon’s beddy-bye stand in Season One.

Turns out, it’s pretty easy. If you don’t actually want a real fish, that is.

What You Need:
Small Beta fish bowl, votive candle holder or jar
Small, lightweight toy fish
Glow-in-the-dark paint or nail polish
Craft epoxy resin

fish partsFirst, find a fish. I used a 25-cent coin machine plastic fish, but any small toy fish will do. These can be found in little nature in the educational section at toy stores or crafts stores. Old broken wind-up toys (with the ‘innards’ removed) work well for a larger bowls.

Once you’ve acquired your fish, coat it with glow-in-the dark paint. Acrylic paint works best if you’re using paint, but I actually recommend nail polish over paint; it dries nice and glossy and won’t come off or run when you’re ready to put it in the resin. If you do use polish, slap on about three or four coats (letting each one dry before adding the next) to make sure you cover the fish well.

Now, that the fish is ready, mix the resin according to the specific brand’s instructions, making enough to fill the bowl about half full. I’ve said this before, but follow the resin instructions exactly otherwise it won’t harden properly. Pour the mix in, wait until the resin in a little hard (not completely hardened), and gently push the fish on top of the resin. Make another batch of resin and pour over the fish to completely encase it in the “water.” Let it dry completely. This could take a anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, depending on brand of feature shot

Keep the bowl by a window or under a bright lamp so he can soak of up plenty of light during the day and glow longer at night.

If he looks a little peaked, douse him with some light from desk lamp or flash light…then sing him “Soft Kitty.”

fish and friends

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