Introducing “Minion Feeding 101”


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I am happy to announce  my and my husband’s latest online endeavor, Minion Feeding 101. This family-friendly and geek-savvy site will include reviews, columns, DIY crafts and other items geared toward allowing parents and kids to embrace the eternal inner child together in a fun, responsible way.

Check out our first post, a He Said/She Said review of Disney’s Planes, as well as ways of turning the movie-going experience into a chance to learn.

Here’s a sample:

1150860_10201872559754821_1958969759_nWatch-and Learn: Three things to take home from Disney’s Planes.
Cartography and Map Reading — The use of longitude and latitude coordinates of the Wings Around the Globe destinations were a nice touch, as well as the tendency of the storyline to “follow the map.”  Break out a world map when you get home and try to re-trace the journey taken by Dusty and his fellow racers. Then look at some real-life photos of world landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. Talk about travel plans, both real ones and armchair.
Plane-spotting — The film had quite a bit of help from the United States Navy and other military aviation groups, and it showed. The shout-outs to P-51 Mustangs, experimental aircraft and a slice of life on an aircraft carrier were almost as good as Career Day at school. Encourage your kid to talk to a friend or family member in the military or aviation industry about their job and why they chose it. There might be a future crop duster, Blue Angel or commercial pilot just waiting to get out.
Follow Your Dreams — No one has to “settle” for their lot in life, as long as they remember to follow their dreams and work hard for them. Dusty’s determination to be more than “what he was built for” was contagious. Instead of sitting back and feeling the world dealt him a bad hand, he spent his free-time practicing and thinking ahead. However, even when it seemed his dream wouldn’t be realized as one point, there was an underlying sense of contentment knowing he tried his best. This is a great opportunity to remind youth, that although no one owes them a thing in this world, they owe it to themselves to give their dreams a chance, whether they ultimately achieve them or not.

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