Finding Walking Dead’s Daryl Poncho


The Prop: Daryl’s Redneck Poncho

ponchomain“If Daryl Dies We Riot.”

Rick Grimes may be the leader of the pack, and a worthy one at that, but Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus) is the breakaway character everyone wants to be…or be with…during a zombie outbreak. The likeable, resourceful, hard-edged, cross-bow wielding Daryl has become the one to watch, and created not just a legion of fans, but an Internet full of Chuck Norris-style memes.His look is the quintessential “redneck biker,” who understands that ponchos are practical means for keeping warm, repelling raindrops and looking cool. Giving credit where credit is due, Daryl’s look is reminiscent of the classic Spaghetti Western movie poncho, similar to the one worn by Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The pattern on Daryl’s poncho is a red, tan and black “Yavapai” Indian pattern not uncommon to western blankets and throws.

memesWhere to Find It:

If you live anywhere in the Southewestern United States, particularly near the Mexican border where serape material and ponchos are common items to attract tourists and use as colorful regional decor, this pattern is easy to run across. The Southwest decor site Mission Del Rey has some clintpixgreat examples, and El Paso Saddleblanket has similar designs — although rumor has it this is the shop where the actual poncho used in the show was purchased.

It is easy to find this poncho design as well as pillow, tapestries, bedspreads and other items with the pattern at several southwest or import stores. Anyone taking at trip up I-10 should hit as much roadside curio shops for this blanket pattern.There’s a good chance they will happen upon exactly what the are looking for.

For officially licensed products, there was a distressed costume poncho available at stores like Spirit, but it is very much a cheesy costume product and bore an unappealing “Walking Dead” logo right smack in the center.

For a while, the Her Universe collection made a beautiful Daryl Infinity Scarf with the poncho pattern, that sold for $30, but it is currently out of stock. From the look of customer response, however, there are many hoping for it to be available once more. Those who weren’t lucky enough to grab this item the first time around should keep watch. It might be available again soon, but there are no promises.

amcponcho-300x248There are also officially licensed messenger bags in both Daryl’s poncho and his angel wings vest designs. This is one of the classier items available, and runs around $89.95. It often sells out from the AMC shop, but this bag can be found all over eBay for about the same price.

As always, the Etsy artists are ready to take care of shoppers with custom made ponchos, as well as items and art prints bearing the poncho design. Displate also has a metal sign with the pattern for $44.artisanponcho-e1430855461522

For those who actually want the man inside the poncho, the AMC Official shop offers an “I love Daryl” bundle for $69.99 with three t-shirts a poster and paper mask. None of these, however, seem to feature him in his poncho, but it’s still a cute gift idea for Reedus lovers.

For a good depiction of Daryl in his poncho, Gentle Giant has created a 1:4 scale Daryl Dixon statue with wingitems-292x300crossbow and removable poncho if you want a good look at the winged vest. This is incredibly detailed at 18 inches high, but not cheap, as it runs easily more than $400 on sites like Entertainment Earth.

There’s a much cheaper little plush Funko plush version of Daryl in his poncho that reatails for $9.99, but that is sold out at the AMC online shop, and sites like Hot Topic. Shoppers might still run across it in stores in the bargain bins.

There are also several t-shirts (including a pet t-shirt) and accessories featuring Daryl’s famous “Angel Wings” vest, including a really nice metal pendant, and an actual replica faux vest for $89.99 or genuine leather for $259.99.

Now Daryl isn’t the only one who can rid the world of zombies and look fashionable doing it. Now you (and your dog or couch) can as well.

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