DIY By The Numbers: Darth Maul Inspired Skull



Alas, poor Darth Maul, I knew him, Obi Juan.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens about to come to Blue Ray, Star Wars-inspired crafts remain in the forefront.

For a fun addition to this trend, here’s a dollar store skull re-paint DIY for one of the Sith’s darkest characters: Darth Maul. these skulls can be purchased on line year round, not just in the fall, on sites like Orientral Trading Company and Spirit.

1. Spray paint a life-size skull completely red, a let dry.

2. Paint the tattoo patterns on with acrylic paint. Draw on outline of pattern with a felt tip marker, first.

Fun fact: Maul’s tattoos are not Sith related, but are due to his affiliation with the Dathomiri Nightbrothers, from his homeworld. They cover his entire body.paintprog

3. Using a beige or bone-colored bakable polymer, create his ten small horns which circle his head and temples, and bake as directed until firm. Attach with a glue gun or strong jewelry adhesive like E6000.

skullangle-1024x3394. Optional: Paint the underside of two clear flattened glass bead with his signature yellow eye pattern (as shown below). You can set these in the eye sockets for and extra creepy gaze. Don’t glue them in, so you can have the option of displaying the skull with or without the eyes.

For an excellent reference, the 501st Legion has images and descriptions of how Darth Maul’s face, head, horns, and the rest of his body, should officially look.

eyeprogwnumberOnce complete, you’ll have a Star Wars Halloween prop that is actually pretty frightening, but also really cool.

“Always remember,” Darth Maul has said in the extended universe, “I am fear.”

— Lisa Kay Tate, originally ran October 30, 2015

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