Find That Prop: Fifth Doctor’s Cricket Uniform


For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to take an easy, laid-back trip through Time and Space during with some quick peeks at one or two costume props for each of The Doctor’s incarnations from Doctor Who.5thdoctormain

Fifth Doctor At a Glance:

The Fifth Doctor was the Doctor who ushered in the 1980s reigning 1981 to 1984. At age 29, Fifth Doctor portrayer Peter Davidson was the youngest actor to take on the role (before Matt Smith came along years later).

His many companions ranged from E-Space inhabitant Adric, to a flight attendant named Tegan Jovanka., both who begin their companion tenure with the Fourth Doctor. His final companion was American student Peri Brown, who went on to serve as companion to the Sixth Doctor as well.

The Fifth Doctor came in to the world with a difficult regeneration, and had a short problem “finding himself,” as he tried out personality traits from his previous four incarnations. He was also the final incarnation to use the original Sonic Screwdriver design.

Once he settled into his own personality, he later overcame other hardships including the death of young Adric, and witnessing the initial betrayal of another companion, Vislor Turlough. His ultimate downfall came from his and companion Peri’s exposure to a toxic drug, to which only one antidote was available. He sacrificed his life so that she would be saved.

The Doctor’s Fifth incarnation was a sensitive peace lover who jumped between bouts of indecision and great courage. His look was clean, sharp variation of an Edwardian era cricket uniform, with the added accessory of a celery stalk on the left lapel. Although never mentioned with his first four incarnations, the Fifth Doctor claimed to be allergic to certain gasses, and the celery would turn purple whenever they were present. There were several other references to the vegetable’s potential uses, although it never seemed to serve as anything but an accessory.

Today, one of the Fifth Doctor’s claims to fame is his real-life relation to a later incarnation, as Davidson is father-in-law to Tenth Doctor portrayer David Tennant. He even starred in a mini-episode with Tennant in 2007, “Time Crash,” written by Steven Moffat for the BBC One Children in Need Telethon.

Props to Look For: The Cricket Uniform

It really isn’t hard to put together a good cricket outfit; the key is put it all together.5thdoctoritems

The Fifth Doctor’s red and black stripe trimmed white cricket jumper is still available in both men’s and women’s styles, today available for various prices from around £20 (around $32) for a plain uniform style, to more than $200 for a snazzy one. They don’t look much different, so go for the cheaper brands.

Wear this over a plain white collared shirt, and add a red question mark to the collar tips in cloth paint.

The white straw Panama Hat can be found anywhere from Target for $10, to $50 and above at specialty shops like Panama Hat Mall. If you can’t find one with a red hatband, Panama Hat, does have hatbands available for $9.99, or simply use a red ribbon.

His coat is what really sets off the look of The Doctor. AliExpress offers a Fifth Doctor style beige costume coat with red trim for $43.99, although it can be found for less during sale times.

New cricket bats are going to be expensive. According to pictures, the Fifth Doctor carried a Hunt County brand, which will run from move than $100 to more than $500, depending on the style. They are beautiful pieces of equipment, true, but if you aren’t planning on actually using them in game play, hit the pawn shops and second hand stores for a used bat. They will look game-worn and just a cool. Find a Hunt county sticker or logo to give it that extra touch.

Good leather cricket balls, like Kookaburra County Star balls can be nearly $30 for the cheaper ones, but there are cheaper brands available, for around $12.

Now finish it off with a pair of red and white striped trousers and a pair of white sneakers (trainers). If you can’t find the striped pattern you want, Fifth Doctor pants-inspired material can be found on Spoonflower for around $17 a yard (cotton), for those who like to sew.

Make Your Own Everlasting Celery Stalk Boutonnière:

Now, about that celery stalk. Yes, it is simply that. Any cosplayers could pick one up in the produce area, but vegetables were made to be eaten and not worn long term. Here’s a quick way to make one, originally listed in a post for GeekMom, that will last thought the next regeneration:


Find a light green silk flower like a carnation or mum, and separate the layers. Bunch up each layer to look like the leafy part of a celery stalk. Make about three of four of these, and layer these “leaves” together with glue. Take a few strands of 4″ or 5″ green yarn or embroidery floss, and tie a single strand of yarn around them at both ends, as well as in the center, so they resemble the stalk itself. Using a felt tip marker or craft paint, draw a red line along both edges of a white piece of ribbon, and use it to attach the stalk to the flower. Secure with glue if needed.

Wear it with pride, because even the Tenth Doctor recognized the Fifth Doctor’s ability to pull off this look,as he said in Time Crash.

“Not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable.”


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