Find That Prop: The Moment of The War Doctor


For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to take an easy, laid-back trip through Time and Space during with some quick peeks at one or two costume props for each of The Doctor’s incarnations from Doctor Who.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-1.44.19-AM-1024x581The War Doctor: At A Glance

The War Doctor, John Hurt, is not in the regular time line of The Doctor’s regenerations. He was the product of the Eighth Doctor, who, given the ability to control his regeneration, become a “Warrior,” rather than a Doctor. His tenure was very short, as he appeared at the end of The Name of the Doctor and for the 50th anniversary special, Day of The Doctor.

This was a battered, aged Doctor, who’s one purpose was to be a presence in The Great Time War between The Daleks and Time Lords. Towards the end of the War, the battle-tired Doctor was ready to activate a devise known as The Moment, to end the war…which he did in one timeline. This committed full genocide against his own people of Gallifrey and the Daleks.

It was during the Day of The Doctor, 50th anniversary special, The Moment’s sentient interface shows him what will happen if he chooses to activate it. It takes him reuniting with former and future Doctors to work together to change this future, and save his people, although he isn’t able to remember this through his Ninth and Tenth incarnations. His place as a savoir of his people rather than a destroyer, doesn’t come until near the end of his Eleventh incarnation’s reign.

Once he is able to save his people, his personality brightens, and when he finally returns to the TARDIS, mission accomplished, his regeneration process begins automatically, into the Ninth Doctor.

Being an “in-between” type of incarnation, the War Doctor’s look kept elements of the Eight Doctor, such as the waistcoat and fob watch, with a hint of the Ninth Doctor to come, a distressed leather coat similar…a fitting Doctor and a fitting link between the Doctor’s past in future.

Gallifrey falls… “No More.”

The Prop: The Moment

The Moment — the final creation of Gallifrey’s “Ancients” — is the most powerful, dangerous and effective weapon ever created. It is often referred to as a “galaxy eater” as it’s intended purpose is to end the Great Time War, destroying entire worlds with a Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-1.43.25-AM-300x294“moment.” It has an interface that can take the form or others, telepathic abilities and trans-dimensional awareness.

It is also a really beautiful prop piece.

The Moment, in it’s non-activated form, looks like a wooden cubed-shaped box, with steampunk gears, Gallifreyan writing and other designs on each side. One fan forum even features a template that could be use for a small paper model.

A small replica of this piece comes with the 50th Anniversary “War Doctor” Action figure, which was available on sites like Entertainment Earth. As a limited edition figure, is has quickly sold out on many sites, but can still be found occasionally at toy shops and secondary markets for around $25.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-1.43.52-AM-190x300The War Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, which is a little more streamline and plain than the other versions with a red “LED-like” light, is available through sites like Think Geek for around $20 to $30

May artisans, crafters and cosplayers have made their own Moments, and there is one site that has roughly collected images of all six sides for reference. Warzone Prints offers one hand-crafted wooden version for $65, as well as a wall clock for $75, and other versions. There’s also a wooden version on Etsy for $70.

One last note: yes, it is possible to actually cosplay as, The Moment, at least as its conscience, which took the form of future companion, Rose Tyler, aka “Bad Wolf.”

The Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog site gives a good glimpse of the details of both the “Rose Tyler” Moment costume and the box itself.

It may be potentially deadly, but is certainly is impressive.

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