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Find That Prop!: Kaylee’s Parasol


A four part-look at the props of Firefly.

kaylee's umbrella

The Prop: Kaylee’s Parasol.

Kaywinnet Lee “Kaylee” Frye, played by Jewel Staite, is the naturally gifted mechanic on the ship Serenity. Not only is she known for her exceptional know-how, but for her kindness and optimism.

The parasol is a typical Japanese paper umbrella, or Wagasa, adorned with a plain colorful swirl pattern, umbrellasand typifies the Asian influence of the world of Firefly.

Where to Find It:

There was at, and one time, an official licensed Kaylee parasol complete with a decorative carrying case, but these are extremely rare to find today, even on sites like eBay.

These best route is to make one with a plain white umbrella, and use orange, yellow and green acrylic or craft paint for the swirl. Plain umbrellas can be found on party and wedding supply stores and online sites like The Knot or Paper Lantern Store, some for as low as $10.

Don’t want to paint? Etsy artists have this market covered as well, with ready-to-purchase homemade Firefly-influenced parasols.

Even though Kaylee isn’t always seen with her parasol, it has become an inseparable part of her look from cosplay to fan art. For good reasons, it’s hard not to feel happy with a bright paper parasol in tow.